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All items are expected to be clean, as it is not economicaly viable to clean hundreds of tons of clothes









Clothes, Textiles and Accessories 

T-Shirts; Trousers; Shorts; Jeans; Shirts; Jumpers; Sweatshirts; Bras; Jackets; Flip Flops; Coats, Dresses; Underwear; Dressing Gowns,; Suits; Sport Shoes; Shoes; Scarves; Baby Wear; Children Wear; Socks; Hats; Sportswear; Men Shoes; Women Shoes; Boots; Slippers; High Heels; Handbags; Belts; Purses; Skirts; Leather; Trousers; Leather Tops; Jewelry/Bracelets; Watches; Denim Tops; Swimwear; Vest Tops; Lingerie; Teen Wear; Kid’s Jeans.


General Bric-a-Brac:

Pans, Crockery, Cutlery, Ornaments, Pet paraphernalia, Tools, Cups, Plates, CDs, Household decorative items

Electrical Equipment

Household appliances, Kettles, Toasters, DVD players, CD players, Hair-dryers, Straighteners, Curling irons, Computer hardware – all electrical items must be in working condition.


Soft and plastic toys, Action figures, Puzzles, Dolls, Video games, Collectables, Remote-controlled toys, Books, CDs, DVDs

Clothing With Signs of Damage; Excessive Wear or Tear; Animal Hair; Dirt Dampness; Make Up Stains; Stains; Rips/Holes/Broken Stitch; Bobbling; Deodorant/Perfume Stains; Worn;Aged Tired; Missing Badges, Labels, or Buttons; Broken Zippers or Buckles; Smoke and Odour.